Trash and Recycle Bins

(By: John Boyd, Website Manager, 11-12-19)

Dear Homeowners,

Trash and Recycle Bins should only be put out on the street no earlier than dusk on Sundays and put away no later than dusk on Mondays.  If you are going to be gone during this period, please make arrangements to have someone put your containers out and taken in for you.

Please note, Republic Services, our Waste Management Company, requires all trash and recycle bins be placed on the street, against the curb, and NOT on sidewalks.  This is necessary as their service trucks and automated retrieval system cannot pickup bins from the sidewalks.  Placing the bins on sidewalks also impedes pedestrians and poses a safety hazard to members of our community walking through the neighborhood.

Homeowners are also reminded, Trash and Recycle Bins are to be stored out of sight from the street or your neighbors view (section 4.12, CC&R's).

Thank you for your support in maintaining the safety and appearance of our community.



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