Villas Board and HOA Meetings

(By: John Boyd, Website Manager, 4-4-20)



1.  The Villas Board of Directors meet on an as needed basis during the year, but at least once each quarter.  Once determined, DSI will be informed of the date and place of the next regular meeting.  Villas Homeowners are welcome to attend these meetings, however those interested in doing so are requested to notify the Board in advance by email ([email protected]) so adequate seating can be arranged and also indicate any topics of interest or concerns they may want to discuss/address.  This advance notification will allow the Board to be prepared to answer those questions and provide the necessary information as appropriate.

Next Regular Board Meeting:  (held as needed based on HOA Business)  

if you are interested in attending the next regular board meeting, please contact DSI at 208-939-6000 or email [email protected].

Date & Time: (To be Announced)

Location:  (To be Announced, location may vary due to availability of space)

2.  The Association's Annual General Membership Meeting is normally held during the third or fourth week of March of each year.  That meeting date, time, location, and related details will be provided to each homeowner by official notice and via email.  Those details will also be posted below once determined:

Next Annual General Membership Meeting: 

Date & Time: 6 March 2024, 5:30 PM

Location: Banbury Golf Clubhouse, Harbottle Room

Meeting details:  The meeting will be held subject to ADA County and State Covid restrictions concerning "In-Person" group gatherings at the time of this event.  More details will be provided in the weeks leading up to this meeting.

 3.  Your Board of Directors:

John Boyd President
Nancy Harvey Vice President
Cheryl Naley Secretary
Phil Almeida Treasurer
Jeff Hill Director

 4To reach The Villas Board of Directors, please contact Jean Cariaga, [email protected].  Phone 208-939-6000.

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