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Neighborhood Watch Program - Banbury Meadows

Dear Homeowners,

During our Main HOA's Annual Membership Meeting held in March 2023, the Banbury Meadows Homeowners Association announced the establishment of a community-wide Neighborhood Watch program (NW).  This program is headed up by the program's Area Coordinators, Carol and Ron Grant, homeowners/members of our association.  

As you know Neighborhood Watch Programs provide an important service to our community by raising Safety and Security Awareness within our community and work closely with both our homeowners and the local Police Department ensuring the sharing and dissemination of important alerts and related information.

If you are new to the community or would like to reconfirm that you are on the NW contact list, please reach out to Carol and Ron at [email protected].  When doing so please provide your email address, cell phone number, and street address so you can be assigned to an appropriate NW Contact/Street Captain and receive future alerts/notifications.

Thank you.

Board of Directors


Leaves or debris cannot be placed on public streets - State Statute and City/County Code

Dear Homeowners,

With fall around the corner, the ACHD notice/flyer below reminds us all that sweeping, blowing, or flushing dirt, debris, leaves, etc., from residential properties into the street is not permitted.  Doing so not only makes our community unsightly but it will also clog our street gutters and storm drains, which can result in flooding.

A word of caution - - this restriction is based on Idaho State Statute, Eagle City and ADA County Codes, and is a misdemeanor under State Law.

On behalf of the Association, Banbaury Meadows Community, and your neighbors, we appreciate your compliance and support of this restriction as it will benefit us all.

Thank you.

Board of Directors   




Trees and Shrubs Overhanging Streets, Sidewalks/Streetlights/Road Signs



We need to remind you that each homeowner is required to maintain their trees and shrubs insuring they do not overhang community sidewalks or streets.

For safety reasons there must be at least seven (7) feet of clearance above sidewalks and fourteen (14) feet above streets.  Trees, shrubs and any other obstructions should also be removed/pruned back to make sure they do not extend into sidewalks or block streetlights and road signs (e.g. speed limit, stop and no parking signs).

PLEASE NOTE - During their regular drive-through inspections, our DSI Association Manager will identify properties that have trees or bushes, etc., extending into our sidewalks and impeding pedestrian passage.  When required, notices will be sent to homeowners directing corrective action be taken.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and we appreciate your support in maintaining the appearance and safety of our neighborhood.

If you have any questions or need more information in this regard, please contact Jean Cariaga, our Association Manager at DSITel# 208-939-6000 or by email at jean@dev-services.com.

Thank you.


Board of Directors

Unauthorized access to Banbury Meadows HOA Common Area & Golf Course
Dear Homeowners,
For some time now both the Banbury Meadows Homeowners Association and Golf Course have been experiencing a significant increase in the number of trespassers (people from outside our community) accessing private property within our community.  That includes the entire Golf Course and our HOA Waterway and Stream located off of Chipper Way and the Stream Outlet running from the point Whiff / Colchester meet towards the Golf Course (13th and 14th Fairways) and the Boise River.  
Over the last few months, this activity has become a larger problem as the number of people found fishing our Community Waterways and Strolling the Golf Course during the day and evening hours, has increased dramatically.  This unauthorized access poses both a legal issue (trespassing on private property), a safety hazard, and potentially a liability to both the HOA and Golf Course.
Most recently, on the banks of our HOA Waterway, one of our homeowners had some people fishing along their backyard (private property) and damaged plants and property.  Furthermore, while fishing, those same trespassers snagged the homeowner's dog in the face and ear with a three-barbed hook and departed the area without reporting the incident to the homeowner.  This required the homeowner to take the dog to a local emergency veterinarian hospital for treatment and removal of the fishing lure.
To reduce this unauthorized activity the Homeowners Association and Golf Course need to request your help.  We, therefore, ask that you report any sightings of people fishing our Community Waterways or Strolling (walking their dogs, etc.) on the Golf Course as follows:
1.  Anyone observed fishing the Banks of the HOA Waterways:
Contact the Eagle Police Non-Emergency Dispatcher at 208-377-6790 or send an email (with a photo of the trespasser's vehicle & license plate) to:  Det Wright, email: [email protected]
2.  Anyone observed fishing the Golf Course waterways or non-Golfers strolling the course (between 8 AM and 8 PM):
Contact the Golf Course Clubhouse Office:  208-939-3600.  For observations made after 8 PM, please contact the Eagle PD Non-Emergency Dispatcher listed above.
Reminder - - homeowners are urged to not confront anyone they suspect of trespassing in our community, it is more effective and safer to contact the local police or golf course main office listed above.
Homeowners are also reminded they are not permitted/authorized to grant permission to anyone to have access to or fish within our Community Waterways or Common Areas.  It should be noted while confronting previous Trespassers while fishing within our community, some have claimed they were given permission by one of our HOA Homeowners to do so - - this is NOT permitted or authorized.  Doing so could render the homeowner liable for any damages caused by the trespasser.
Please note, although the HOA has no jurisdiction or authority concerning access to or restrictions within the Golf Course, the association is working with their management and sharing their contact information and reporting procedures as a courtesy to our members as we address this common community problem and issue.
The Association and Banbury Golf Course Management would like to thank our entire community for their help and support in this regard.
If you have any questions or need further details, please contact our Association Manager, Jean Cariaga, Development Service, Tel # 208-939-6000.
Thank you.
Board of Directors

Reminder - Recreational and Utility Vehicle Parking


Homeowner's Recreational and Utility Vehicles (Motorhomes, RV’s, Campers, Boats, Trailers, etc.) can be temporarily parked on their driveways, or residential streets, for a period not to exceed 72 hours to load, unload and clean the vehicles. 

In this regard, please exercise caution when placing power cords or hoses extending across sidewalks, or other walking areas.  For safety reasons placing mats or a similar covering over the cords/hoses will help preclude tripping by pedestrians walking in our neighborhood.  

Please be mindful of your neighbors and community by following this HOA Policy and Eagle City Ordinance.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Board of Directors

Exterior Construction / Landscaping Projects - Architectural Committee Review

Reminder - - in accordance with section 4.1.2 of the CC&R’s, no improvements or landscaping shall be made or placed on an HOA property/lot or remodeled, refinished or modified/altered in any way, which will be visible above ground or will ultimately affect the visibility of any above ground improvement/structure, without the prior review and approval of the Banbury Meadows HOA Architectural Committee and Board of Directors.

ARC application forms can be found on this website under “Homeowner Information”, see item # 2.  Upon submission of the application form to DSI it will be provided to the Architectural Review Committee and Board of Directors for consideration.  Projects underway or completed without the prior approval of an ARC Application must still be reviewed and approved by the ARC & Board of Directors.

FOR VILLAS HOMEOWNERS:  The Villas ARC Application form can also be found on our Website under the Villas Section in the homeowners information tab.

If you have any questions or need further details concerning this process, please contact Jean Cariaga, DSI Association Manager at [email protected] or by phone 208-939-6000.

Thank you.


Board of Directors

Repainting of Banbury Meadows Fire Hydrants

Dear Homeonwers,

For your information, the Board of Directors have had several inquiries from our homeowners concerning the repainting of the Fire Hydrants within our community.  The Board acknowledges the Fire Hydrants are in need of maintenance and repainting as they have (in many cases) become unsightly and do not reflect the pride our Assocation has in the appearance of our community.

Based on this assessement the Board sent a formal request to the owners of the Fire Hydrants, Veolia Water of Idaho, asking that our Association be permitted to repaint the Fire Hydrants.  Veolia's reply, which is attached, was unfortunately negative and advised us we are not allowed to repaint or maintain the Fire Hydrants (double click HERE to view Veolia's letter).

The good news, and we are hopeful this will become a reality, Violia also stated they will move the repainting of our Fire Hydrants up their maintenance schedule and make it a higher priority.

Although we do not have an exact timeframe for this maintenance to take place, we want to assure our homeowers we will continue to monitor Veolia's commitment to complete this work as soon as possible.

We will keep you informed as to any progress made in this regard.

Board of Directors


HOA Policy - Display of the American and Other Flags


The HOA and Board of Directors supports the display of the flag of the United States, State of Idaho, POW/MIA and branches of the U.S.. Armed Forces and other flags by Homeowners.  However, a policy is necessary to ensure the flags are displayed in a proper, respectful and consistent manner.

To achieve this objective the Board has created and approved the attached Policy governing the display of Flags within our community.  For the most part this policy restates the guidelines set-forth in both United States and Idaho State Code.  Homeowners are encouraged to become familiar with the attached Policy and both of the referenced Federal and State Codes when considering the display of flags within our neighborhood.

The HOA Policy governing the display of Flags can be viewed or downloaded by double clicking HERE.

If you have any questions concerning this policy, please contact our Association Manager, Jean Cariaga, DSI, Ph# 208-939-6000 or email - [email protected].

Thank you.


Board of Directors

Street Lights within Banbury Meadows



If you notice a streetlight off at night or still on by midday, please report it to Jean Cariaga, Development Services via email at [email protected] or by phone 208-939-6000.

Thank you!


Your Board of Directors

Spring and Fall HOA Community Wide Garage/Yard Sales, April and September 2024

For your planning, please be advised this year's HOA Community Wide Spring and Fall 2024 Garage/Yard Sales are scheduled as follows:

a.  Saturday, 27 April
b.  Saturday, 21 September
The sales will run each day from 8 AM to 6 PM.
During the event, each homeowner is responsible for their own sale.  The sales are normally well attended and a good way to clean out your garage and closets.  

Homeowners are reminded not to display items on sidewalks or along street curbs.

These events will be advertised through the use of banners at our main entrances to Banbury Meadows and an announcement will be posted on Craig's List.

Reminder notices will be sent out before each sales date listed above.
If you have any questions or need more information in this regard, please contact Jean Cariaga, our Association Manager at DSI, Tel# 208-939-6000 or by email at [email protected].


Board of Directors


Feeding of Wildlife has a negative impact on the BBM Community

Dear Homeowners,

Our HOA Management Company and the Board of Directors have again received reports that a few of our homeowners are leaving food out in their yards for wildlife.  Unfortunately, this practice attracts a variety of critters and undesirable animals (primarily Raccoons, Fox, Coyotes, Squirrels, etc.).  These critters, although cute, can and do cause damage to residential properties, carry diseases, and pose a threat to domestic pets and children.

Unfortunately, once the wildlife finds a regular and reliable food source they will continue to return and in most cases need to transit other homeowners' properties which causes several additional issues and problems.

On behalf of the Association, the Board of Directors requests that homeowners refrain from putting out food that may contribute to this problem by attracting undesirable wildlife.

Thank you.


Board of Directors 

BBM HOA Website - Change to Main HOA Email Address

Dear Homeowners,

We have recently had to change our primary email address for the HOA's Webstie (https://www.banburymeadows.org/).

As a result, emails / notices from our website to our homeonwers may not be recongized by your email application and redirected to your "Junk or Trash" file upon receipt.

To address this issue, request you add our new HOA Website email address ([email protected]) to your email contact list/address book.  Doing so will direct our future Email Notices to your In-Box and not your "Junk or "Trash" email file.

If you have any questions or need further details, please contact our Assocation Manager, Jean Cariaga, DSI, at 208-939-6000 or [email protected].

Thank you.

Board of Directors    

Use of "Banbury HOA" Walking Path (located at the bottom of the Hillside Bench)

Dear Homeowners,

It has come to the attention of the Board that there may be some confusion as to who can and who cannot use the gravel walking path located at the bottom of the Bench running adjacent to the Banbury Golf Course along fairways 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8.

As a reminder the Bench Hillside down to the stream at the bottom belongs to the Banbury HOA, which is sometimes referred to as "Upper Banbury".  This area, including the walking path, is private property and is posted as "No Trespassing" and for the use of the Banbury HOA Homeowners ONLY..  This of course does not include our "Banbury Meadows" homeowners.

Please note, due to the recent "Trespassing Laws" adopted here in the State of Idaho violations of these laws can result in fines being issued and can be determined to be a misdemeanor under the law.

If you have any questions or need further details concerning this issue, please contact our Association Manager, Jean Cariaga, DSI, Tel# 208-939-6000 or [email protected].

Thank you.


Board of Directors


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