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Painting House Numbers on Curbs - Villas Community

Dear Villas Homeowners,

During our last Annual General Membership Meeting, in March 2023, the homeowners in attendance discussed the possibility of the Villas HOA having house numbers painted on our street curbs.  

This proposal was discussed and agreed that doing so for all of our homes would enhance both security and safety in our community.  The benefit being emergency vehicles and delivery personnel would be able to more easily identify the location of each of our homes when performing their job or service.

As a result of these discussions, and support of the proposal by those in attendance, the Board approved the HOA funding needed to complete this project.

For your information and planning, our HOA Handyman, Todd Moats, will begin this project today on Golf Court and work his way to Links Place and Par Court in the coming days.

Thank you.

Board of Directors, Villas HOA


Recently released Villas ARC Rules and Guidelines Policy Document

Dear Villas Homneowners,

Your Board of Directors have recently released a new Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Rules and Policy document pertaining specifically to our Villas Community and Homeowners.

The purpose of this Policy/Document is to provide you a written reference that can be use when preparing ARC Applications for submission and review by the Villas ARC and Board of Directors.

With Spring right around the corner, and homeowners contemplating residential maintenance or improvement projects, the Board felt it was important to provide this guidance and remind our members of the requirement to submit ARC Applicaitons for any improvements or modifications to the Exterior of their Homes, Yards and/or Landscaping.

For your conviennce you can view or download and print the document by clicking HERE.  You can also download, view and print our HOA ARC Application form by clicking HERE.

For your future reference these documents are posted to the Villas Website located at the following link:  https://www.banburymeadows.org/

Should you have any questions or need further deails concerning this notice, please contact our Association Manager, Jean Cariaga, DSI, at 208-939-6000.

Thank you.


Board of Directors
The Villas HOA, BBM

Villas New Lawn Care Services Contract and HOA Dues for 2023, 2024 & 2025

Dear Villas Homeowners,

As you may know, in September Murillo's Landscaping notified our Board of Directors that they would terminate their contract with our HOA at the end of the year (31 Dec 22).  As a result, and as required by our CC&R's, the Board of Directors recently completed the process of soliciting bids / proposals from a group of potential Lawn Care Service companies.

Details concerning the solicitation of bids and the final selection of our new HOA Lawn Care Service Company, beginning in 2023, is contained in the attached letter to our homeowners (a copy will be sent by mail/post to each homeowner).  You can open and download the letter by clicking HERE.

In addition, the Board has updated and reissued our HOA Policy / Resolution governing the Lawn Care Services that will be provided to our homeowners by the new Lawn Care Services Company.  You can view and download the Policy / Resolution by clicking HERE.  A copy will also be posted to our HOA Website (https://www.banburymeadows.org/), under the Villas Section, "Homeowner Information Tab". .

If you have any questions or need further details concerning this notice, or the attached documents, please contact our Assocation Manager, Jean Cariaga, DSI at 208-939-6000 or by email:  [email protected].  You can also contact the Board of Directors directly at: [email protected].  

Please note, the Board have tentative plans of holding our next in-person Annual General Membership Meeting sometime during the 2nd or 3rd week of March 2023.  Specific details concerning this meeting will be provided in January 2023.

Your Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our homeowners a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you and Best Regards,


Villas Board of Directors


Private Residential Snow Removal Service


The Villas Board of Directors have had several inquires from our members asking if we were aware of any companies or individuals that might be available to provide private residential snow removal services.

In this regard the following contact information is provided for a former employee of Murillo's Landscaping, Edgar Sanchez, who is now working independently, and offers snow removal services (on a private contract basis):

Please note, our Board and The Villas HOA cannot officially endorse the use of any service provider (not under contract by the HOA), this vender and the above information is provided ONLY as a community service.
Furthermore, for your information and in response to questions about the HOA's Policy concerning snow removal from Villas properties; both the Main and Villas HOA strongly encourage homeowners to remove snow from their sidewalks and driveways as a matter of safety for you and your neighbors and to also maintain the appearance of our community.  You should also be aware that Eagle City Ordinance, 4-1-3, Abatable Nuisances, requires all sidewalks abutting or adjoining any privately owned premises to be clear of snow and ice.  Failure to do so is subject to local city officials issuing uniform violations and citations.
It is also recommended that homeowners who plan to be out of town during the Winter Snow Season consider engaging the services of a private company or individual to perform snow removal during their absence.
The Board and our Association appreciate your efforts in maintaining the safety and appearance of The Villas Community.
Thank you.
Board of Directors
The Villas HOA

Villas Resolution / Policy - Approved Exterior House Colors


Dear Villas Homeowners,

Your Board of Directors have recently reviewed and updated our Association's Exterior House Painting Policy.  On 9 July they approved a revised policy which better reflects the original color scheme of our community.

You can find a copy of that new policy by double clicking HERE.  

Should you be considering the repainting of your Villas Home (Exterior) please submit the required ARC Application which can be found by double clicking HERE.

If you have any questions or need further details, please contact our Association Manager, Jean Cariaga, DSI at 208-939-6000 or email - [email protected].

Thank you.

Villas Board of Directors


REMINDER - - Announcement - New Villas HOA Website
- R E M I N D E R - 
Dear Villas Homeowners,
The Board of Directors are pleased to announce the release of our new Villas HOA Website.  This site replaces the previous Villas Website which was discontinued by Google about two (2) years ago (that site was created using a Google Database).
Our new site is part of the Main Banbury Meadows HOA Website and can be found in the bottom section of their Homepage at the following web link:  
Once you open that Homepage Link the Villas Section, along with our site's information Tabs (in the left column), can be accessed by "double clicking " the tabs which will redirect you to Villas HOA Information and related documents, e.g. Irrigation Status, News/Notices, Homeowners Information, Villas ARC Application Form, Exterior House Painting and other pertinent policies, etc.
The Villas Website and Information Tabs, on the left of the page, do not require a password for access as the information is non-sensitive and open to the public.  There are however two password protected Tabs that require you to first Register and Login, as a Villas Homeowner, before they will appear on our homepage and access can be granted.  Those two protected tabs are:  1)  Lawn Care & Landscaping and 2) Homeowners Directory. 
At the bottom of the "Villas Homeowners Association" section is the "Villas Login/Register" option.  Double clicking on the "Login" tab below will take you to our "Registration and Login" page (on the right).  If you are a new "USER" to this site (which most of you will be) click on the highlighted "fill out this registration form" at the top of the page, complete and submit the form, once done you will be provided a "Username and Password" by separate email.  After receiving the email return to the Login page and enter the Username and Password at the bottom of the page.  Then return to the left column of the Villas Homepage and you will see the two new tabs mentioned above.
Once you have had a chance to use and review the Villas Website, the Board would appreciate receiving your feedback and comments concerning your experience, e.g. ease of use, is the information provided useful, are there other details you would like to see included in the site, etc.  
As with any new website, it may initially prove to be a challenge to some of our Homeowners.  Should you experience any difficulty navigating the site please contact us at the following email address and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have;  Villas HOA Board:  [email protected]
Thank you.
Board of Directors
The Villas HOA Bd, BBM 

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