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If this is your first visit to our Website, as a Villas Homeowner and you do NOT have a website user account, please click here and fill out the registration form and we'll get you set up and send you a Username and Temporary Password.


If you are a resident of the Villas at Banbury Meadows, and have already completed the Registration Process, please login below with the email addess and password we have on file for you.


If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it below by entering the email address we have on file for you.

When you reset your password, you will be sent a verification message asking that you confirm you want a password reset.  When that message is received "Click Confirm".

Once confirmed you will be sent ANOTHER email with a temporary password starting with bigben - it is case sensitive.

Use that password to login, then CHANGE your password by going to the "Update Your User Info" Tab (located in the left column).

If you do not receive one or both of the emails in this process, please check your spam file.

If you still have not received the emails after 10 minutes, write to us by clicking here and request that we reset your account for you.


Please note, once you are logged in you will see two new tabs/buttons under the Villas Section in the column to the left (which is restricted to Villas Homeowners ONLY):  1) Lawncare and Landscaping & 2) Villas Homeowners Directory.


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